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Buy Coca Tea Online

Coca Tea Online?  It’s Closer Than You Think. Depending on which part of the world you live in, coca tea and coca leaves can be extremely easy to find, or extremely difficult. Coca Tea Bags in Every Corner Store? Not in the USA, sadly!  In the countries of South America where coca tea is completely […]

Six Benefits of Coca Tea You Probably Don’t Know

The Andean indigenous peoples have taken advantage of coca leaf for centuries for its benefits as a digestive aid, immune system booster, and to combat altitude sickness. It Aids Digestion Coca tea helps to improve digestion due to its effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Apart for being overall gut-friendly, it is a traditional folk remedy […]

Coca Powder Brings Many Benefits (Hint: You Can Eat It!)

Coca Powder – Not Just for Making Tea Eat coca powder?  It may sound strange, but it’s always good to read and learn about the benefits of the different plants that Mother Nature gives us. From them we can learn that they can help treat certain ailments as alternative treatments to modern medicines and drugs. […]