Coca Powder

Coca PowderFor those of us who consume coca on a regular basis, most of us know of a nice little secret. Delisse Coca powder is very effective because of it’s very small particle size. That’s it – it’s as simple as that.

The extremely fine particle size of powdered coca tea give it a greater surface area when it is mixed in with how water.

We love Delisse coca tea bags, and use them every day. They make for a very pleasant and invigorating cup of coca tea.

The coca tea leaves that go into the bags is the same as what goes into the Delisse powdered coca tea product. The only difference is the size of the tea particle. The coca in tea bags comprises of tiny flakes. However, as we’ve mentioned, the powdered version is ground to a much finer consistency…and this makes a difference in your final brew.

Sometimes we want the strongest possible effects from our coca tea. For the purposes of treating a medical condition, for example. Or just for a more potent brew.

One final word – don’t forget that Delisse coca powder and an AeroPress are a match made in the heavens of the Incan gods 🙂