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Coca Powder Brings Many Benefits (Hint: You Can Eat It!)

Coca Powder – Not Just for Making Tea

Eat coca powder?  It may sound strange, but it’s always good to read and learn about the benefits of the different plants that Mother Nature gives us. From them we can learn that they can help treat certain ailments as alternative treatments to modern medicines and drugs.

Coca Powder
Eating coca powder can do you a world of good

One of these plants is coca. Coca leaves have been used by the Incas since ancient times to combat problems of physical energy and to supplement their diet. Incan people were known to be strong and powerful, and working together were able to lift huge rocks to build their various temples.

This ancient leaf of the coca plant can also be used by us today in various ways. We can chew the fresh or dried powdered coca leaves.  We can take make an invigorating tea from it.  We can also very supplement out nutritional intake by using the leaves, powdered or whole, as a high-quality superfood.

It is precisely the latter to be discussed today. Our favorite brand from Peru is Delisse coca powder (otherwise known as coca flour, or harina de coca in Spanish) has many properties and benefits because it contains alkaloids that are ideal for our body. Let us not hesitate in adding this amazing source of nutrition to our daily diet.

Coca is ideal to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis. It has been found that coca flour has up to 2000 milligrams of calcium (per 100g), which is significantly more than the amount contained in milk or cheese.

Anemia can be combated with this product because it has lots of iron and vitamin B. The latter is absorbed in large quantities very easily by the body, so it is that is a great dietary supplement for anemics.  Coca also increases the body’s immune defenses.

The problems of triglycerides and high cholesterol can also start to improve shortly after beginning the regular consumption of coca powder. In addition, also it regulates glucose and blood pressure.

It is indicated for people suffering from depression, as it functions as a mild antidepressant; it helps raise the spirits and help with balancing the emotions. It can also be administered to children with hyperactivity, as it has been noticed that it can bring about remarkable changes in their behavior.

It has strong antioxidant effects, which may be indicated to prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or the dreaded cancer.

Coca powder as a dietary supplement is usually given in the morning. Some people can not tolerate the taste, because it is a little bitter, but it can be mixed in juice, made into smoothies, or prepared in any number of tasty ways.  It can also be used in the kitchen to make delicious recipes.

Indication as to the measures of flour varies according to each person.  It is usually recommended to start with one teaspoon a day, once or twice per day.  After approximately one week, the dose can be increased to two or three teaspoons, once or twice per day.

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